Life experience degree program is the degree program for those individuals who are not able to complete their education for any reason. As the name implies, this degree is awarded solely based on the relevant life experience of the individual seeking it. Unlike other forms of academic degrees which are only obtained after the individual has undertaken a period of study at the institution, Life experience degree can be obtained from the institution without the need for the person to complete any formal curriculum. The reason for this is that, before the person is awarded this degree, the academic institution embarks on a process of scrutinizing a number of documents presented by the individual who is seeking the degree. The most important thing here is that, the person must be able to provide evidence in support of any statement of claim. The evidence presented by the fellow would help the institution to take a decision on whether or not the degree should be awarded. In most cases, documents should relate to the particular field of work the person has been involved in and is seeking the degree for. However, other information regarding national service or any other previous work experience may be of importance in supporting your claim for the degree. These documents should be backed by a formal application requesting the institution to grant your request. And since there is a little bit of cost involved in processing your request, most institutions may require that the applicant pays some amount of money as the cost of processing the application. If everything needed by the institution in order to assess the applicant’s knowledge for the award of a Life experience degree is provided, then the institution will be able to deliver the degree to the applicant in a matter of days provided that there is no undue delay in the postal process.

Institutions That Award Life Experience Degrees

Today, it is increasingly becoming necessary for any employee in an organization to embark on regular refresher programs in order to acquire more knowledge and skill in dealing with the rudiments of the work environment. These on the job training programs are very beneficial to the skill of the employee and the success of the employer. This is why employers often encourage their employees to undertake these programs. In some companies, management makes it a point to either sponsor its employees to take these programs or organize wholesale training programs for the staff. Combining the regular work schedule with refresher courses, which are usually organized in the evenings, together with family obligations could prove a mouthful for most people. In such a case, there would not be enough time for such a worker to attempt to seek a degree from an academic institution. It becomes sad when such a fellow does not receive the due recognition he or she deserves simply because he or she does not possess a degree. Online Life experience degree provides the opportunity for these people to use the skill and knowledge gathered through daily work at the company and regular programs to earn a degree. This form of award puts emphases on work experience and ensures that the hard work, time and effort spent in making you an expert in what you do is not left unrewarded. Furthermore, the institutions that have the power to award such degrees are the ones that have the resources to quantitatively assess the qualities of the applicant and then award an appropriate online Life experience degree to the fellow.

Life Experience Degrees in Diverse Areas

Life experience degrees can be obtained in different fields of human endeavor. These degrees are very effective at helping skilled artisans and workmen to obtain jobs in well established companies that would not have thought twice before rejecting them. To think of it carefully, life experience degrees are a great deal of help to many individuals. For instance, consider a highly trained mechanic who has been in the family business since childhood. Since this person learned the rudiments of the trade from his father, who apparently learned it from his father, the fellow would be carrying around extensive knowledge in the field of auto fitting. However, since the person has no degree, it would be almost impossible for this person to obtain a job. In the very rare case where the person succeeds at obtaining a job, it will be a low paying one. In spite of the demonstrated skills and abilities of this fellow, his work will remain unappreciated. The first piece of advice for such a person would be for him or her to seek a degree. However, it is not just all of us who are cut out for school. In this regard, this highly skilled auto mechanic may not find it appealing to enroll in a four year bachelor’s degree program. This should not hamper the efforts of the person as the Life experience degree is available to this fellow. An online academic institution of higher learning can assess the performance, achievements and unique skills of this fellow and then award this fellow with a degree. With this degree, the skilled professional can then apply for a suitable position in any organization or if he or she is already gainfully employed, the person can apply for promotion.